Edmonton passengers grapple with new travel rules

New rules restricting what passengers can carry on flights to the United States create confusion for some travellers at Edmonton International Airport.
A passenger adds more items to his suitcase while checking in for a U.S.-bound flight at Edmonton International Airport Tuesday. ((CBC))
New rules restricting what passengers can carry on flights to the United States created confusion for some travellers at Edmonton International Airport on Tuesday.

Transport Canada announced Monday that passengers travelling to the United States can no longer carry luggage onto the plane until further notice. 

Some passengers hadn't heard about the new carry-on restriction, while others said they were confused by the rules. Some opened up their suitcases and repacked while they checked in.

Janice France, waiting to check in for the start of her journey to Ohio, hoped to bring her purse on board.

"Well, we're ready to jam everything else in the suitcases if we have to," she said. Her travelling companion hoped to bring a backpack on the plane but realized it would probably have to be checked into the luggage compartment.

Cal Henderson was travelling to Hawaii with a group that included a baby. They hoped to bring a diaper bag and other items on board, but he said the new rules were somewhat unclear.

Passengers flying to the United States from Edmonton International Airport faced more lineups Tuesday. ((CBC))
"Well, certainly with the baby and that ... what's permitted there," he said. "In general, it's a little confusing."

According to the new regulations, carry-on items are restricted to small purses, medical devices such as canes and walkers, medication, cameras, coats, laptop computers, items for the care of infants, musical instruments, diplomatic or consular bags and other special-needs items.

The rules were implemented after a passenger on a Detroit-bound plane allegedly tried to set off an explosive last Friday.

The carry-on restrictions are supposed to be temporary. Transport Canada said they will last at least several days.

As in Toronto and Calgary, RCMP officers were brought in to help out with security screening at Edmonton International on Tuesday.