Edmonton’s late-night entertainment economy creates thousands of jobs and generates millions of dollars per year, according to a city report.

Bars, lounges, nightclubs, casinos, music venues, and after-hours clubs generated $686 million in 2010, the last year for which data was available, said the report completed by Responsible Hospitality Edmonton and the city’s chief economist.

"By conducting economic analysis we can better understand the economic significance of this sector," said John Rose, chief economist. "And our analysis shows that Edmonton’s late-night entertainment economy is vibrant and thriving." 

There were 235 late-night entertainment establishments in Edmonton in 2010 (comprising 23% of all licensed establishments), with a total licensed seating capacity of 69,865 (comprising 27% of all licensed seats).

The sector created 5,807 full-time equivalent jobs in 2010, made up of many part-time jobs that benefit students and others not wanting to work full-time, said the report.

"We’ve known that the late-night entertainment sector contributes to the social and cultural fabric of the city, and improves the city’s viability and appeal for both local residents as well as tourists," said Angela Turner, with Responsible Hospitality Edmonton.

The data will help in looking for ways in which the city can foster growth and improvement of Edmonton’s late-night entertainment economy, said Turner.