A tweet from an Edmonton nightclub’s twitter account warning drivers about an impaired-driving checkstop has caused a stir.

The account, run by Treasury Vodka Bar, sent the tweet late Friday night.

"Checkstop scona road before sask drive - heading towards whyte," the message said.

Reaction was quick on social media, with many people condemning the club for sending out the message.

The post was deleted late Saturday afternoon.

The bar’s general manager, Andy Huley, apologized for the tweet. He said it was sent by an ex-employee that still had access to the company’s Twitter account.

"We put trust into this ex-employee, and that was a mistake on our behalf," Huley said.

He says as the message was deleted as soon as they could, and that the ex-employee has been removed from the account.

He added that company will now provide free cab for patrons until the end of the year to make up for the tweet. 

"We don’t condone drinking and driving at all. We’re against that," he added.

The issue of announcing checkstop locations on Twitter was raised earlier this month by police.

EPS Staff Sgt. Ray Akbar says, no matter who sent the tweet, the impact remains the same.

"That type of messaging, especially over social media, enables drunk drivers to be on the road," he said.