Edmonton man places ad for free house in Riverdale

There’s a house in Riverdale that is free for the taking … the only catch is, you have to take it away.
Dennis Jerrett is trying to give away his family's 100-year-old Riverdale house - the only catch is the taker has to move the house away. (CBC)

There’s a house in Riverdale that is free for the taking … the only catch is, you have to take it away.

Dennis Jerrett and his family of four have lived in the 100-year-old Riverdale house for nine years, but now say it is simply too small to hold the growing family.

At first, he planned to simply demolish the house to make room for a new one, going so far as to get the necessary permit but then he had an idea.

“It's the ultimate in recycling,” said Jerrett, of his plan to give the home away for free to whoever can move it away.

On Sunday, he posted the offer on kijiji, a popular online classified service.

Since then, more than 36,000 people have viewed the ad, which doesn’t surprise Jerrett.

“I think when you put a headline - free house - you're going to get a lot of interest.”

However, many don’t seem to understand that moving the house away is part of the deal.

“Ya, it's a free house but you're not going to get it out of here for free. You're gonna have to pay,” said Jerrett.

“I don’t think a single person I've spoken to has realized how much it would cost or the logistics involved in moving the house,” he added.”

The process can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

If no one steps up to take the house within the next couple of days, Jerrett said the demolition will proceed.

But he hopes it doesn’t come to that.

“There's somebody out there who's been waiting for this sort of thing – somebody with a lot ready to go and they want to take it.”


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