An Edmonton man hosted a unique garage sale this weekend, selling a remarkable collection of antique electronics.

Chuck Frank first started collecting radios when he was a teenager. His collection has been growing ever since, reaching nearly 1,000 antique electronics.

“I’m downsizing,” he said. “I have way too many of them and it’s time to pass them along.”

Frank has become an expert in fixing up antique electronics, learning the tricks of the trade from Jack Cairns, who has been tinkering with radios since the 1940s.

“A lifetime of pleasure,” Cairns said of his hobby. “I enjoy repairing radios.”

For both Frank and Cairns, radios hold sentimental value.

“The farmers and all that were more or less isolated until radio came,” said Cairns. “Then when radio came they knew what was happening around the world.”

“I remember my parents having a big floor model radio before television even,” said Frank. “Maybe that’s why it appeals to me.”