Edmonton man found dead in Mexico

The body of Kelly Callin was found in Mexico on Sunday.
Kelly Callin and his wife Tarah were two weeks away from their first wedding anniversary.

The body of an Edmonton man who was swept into the ocean in Mexico last week was found on Sunday.

Kelly Callin, 32, was found on a beach in Cabo San Lucas where he was attending surf camp with a friend. He was last seen on Thursday.

His wife Tarah Callin remembered her husband as a kind and gentle man who was able to make others feel at ease.

"Kelly’s quick wit and 'life is good' smile made him a magnetic force drawing in those around him," she said in a written statement on Monday.

"We will all remember him smiling.  Kelly was the type of friend that many people all over the world would have called their best. He was a loving husband and will be missed forever."

Tarah met her future husband when they played on the same soccer team in elementary school. The pair married just under a year ago, on July 14.

"It was the best wedding anyone's ever been to," said Tarah's sister Brianne Edgar. "Of course. They are the perfect couple. He loved her more than anything. They just truly had a special relationship and everybody saw that."

Callin decided to go swimming after checking into his hotel in Cabo San Lucas. Friends say he was standing on the rocks when a wave swept him into the ocean.

Joel Johnson played with Callin in an Edmonton reggae band called The Soulicitors.

"Just the most sincere, honest, compassionate guy that you could ever meet," Johnson said.

"His work ethic through his sports that he was involved with, through the band, to his family and his wife. He was just an incredible, incredible guy."