An Edmonton school bus driver was stabbed to death early Saturday after working a late-night shift driving people home from a pub crawl.


Police combed the area around Cumming's school bus Saturday. ((Kathy Kiel/CBC))

Alan Cumming, 38, was stabbed several times near his apartment at 121st Avenue and 82nd Street.

Edmonton police Det. Pat McCormack says Cumming called police from his cellphone around 3:30 a.m. local time to say he was injured.

"He was able to provide some information for us, but unfortunately he succumbed to his injuries at the Royal Alex Hospital," said McCormack.

Police say they aren't sure what motivated the attack, but his estranged wife Donna Cumming thinks it was for his tip money. The pair both had jobs driving school children during the day and bar hoppers at night. She said he could bring home up to $300 on a good night.

"He probably got tips last night and somebody was after that, but a boy is going to fight for what he makes," she said.

Donna Cumming, who separated from Alan Cumming in November, said she's shocked.

"I can't believe it happened. I just don't know. He had no enemies. None whatsoever," she said.

"Alan was the type of guy that loved to do his pub crawls. He loved the tips, he got really good tips and he treated everyone with respect."