Edmonton man dies after fight

An autospy is underway on a 25-year-old man found unconscious outside an apartment building northwest of downtown early Friday.
An Edmonton police officer investigates the scene northwest of downtown where a man was killed Friday. (CBC)

An autospy is underway on a 25-year-old man found unconscious outside an apartment building northwest of downtown early Friday.

Police believe the victim had been in a fight. (CBC)

The man was discovered in the alley near 112th Avenue and 124th Street around 1:40 a.m.

He died in hospital after being taken there with injuries from a fight, police said.

The person who called 911 said he heard nothing before seeing the man from his apartment window lying motionless.

"I saw by the window, a body laying on the ground in front of an apartment with the door open," said Steve Cadieux.

"And after 15 minutes — because I was just playing video games — he was still there, then I thought maybe he needs help."

Officers were still at the scene at noon Friday looking for witnesses and evidence.