A  22-year-old man was found shot to death beside a vehicle around midnight Thursday in the north Edmonton neighbourhood of Balwin.

Police were called by the victim's friends to 131st Avenue and 69th Street.

Investigators are interviewing several witnesses with a suspect description as well as a description of a vehicle seen leaving the scene.

"It's scary," said Barb Godziuk-Lupino who woke up to flashing lights.

Godziuk-Lupino, who has lived nearby for seven years, didn't see or hear anything in the early hours.

"We didn't know what the heck was happening and then looked on the deck and seen the police tape and the investigation unit and yeah it was scary," she said.

An autopsy has been scheduled for Monday afternoon. If the death is officially confirmed to be a homicide, it will be the 43rd in Edmonton this year.