Edmonton imposes rotating parking bans for windrow removal

Edmonton is ordering motorists to remove their vehicles from roadsides as city crews remove windrows on bus routes and collector roads.

Vehicles not moved will be ticket and towed

The City of Edmonton will be ticketing and towing vehicles from roadsides as crews move through the city removing windrows. (CBC)

Edmonton motorists are being told to remove their vehicles from bus routes and collector roads as city crews begin  removing windrows.

Targeted parking bans will be in effect only on routes where windrow removal is taking place.

Those roads will be marked with temporary ‘No Parking’ signs at least 24 hours before work begins.

The windrow removal location schedule is available on the City of Edmonton website.

The city will ticket and tow vehicles that are not moved while windrows are being removed, but once the snow is removed, citizens can again park their cars on the street.

Removing the windrows will take about three weeks.