The Edmonton Humane Society will be temporarily closing its doors to most animal surrenders because it is currently at capacity.

Until space frees up, the centre will no longer accept owner-surrendered cats and will only accept dogs in the most urgent cases.

Staff say a recent spike in owner-surrendered pets coinciding with “kitten season” -- when the centre is inundated with litters of newborns – has led to “a severe shortage of space.”

The centre is currently taking care of 143 dogs and 439 cats.

Shelter veterinarians are also experiencing a backlog as they work to spay and neuter shelter animals before they can be put up for adoption.

“One of the primary sources of the shelter’s capacity issues is pet overpopulation,” said Operations Supervisor Megan Rodgers in a release made Wednesday.

“It’s a strong reminder of how important it is for people to spay and neuter their pets, and it reinforces just how much homeless shelter animals rely on our community to provide them with safe, loving homes.”

For the time being, pet owners wishing to surrender their animal are asked to hold off.