Lynda Turpin planned to return to her house on Friday. ((CBC))

A deadly house explosion in Edmonton Sunday caused $3.5 million in damages, fire officials said Friday.

The blast in the city's Lago Lindo neighbourhood damaged 30 to 40 homes and left eight to 10 destroyed or uninhabitable, a fire department news release said.

Fire investigators released all but two homes to residents by Friday. The fire department will assist owners and insurers to determine the cost of repairing or rebuilding their houses.

Lynda Turpin hoped to get her house cleaned up over the weekend.

"There's not a lot to clean up. I mean, you know, I had plants tip over and I've got dirt everywhere but it's no different than if you had a teenaged kid have a big old party," she said.

On Thursday, police announced three of the four deaths in Sunday's explosion in north Edmonton have been ruled homicides.

Craig Huber, 29, and Brad Winter, 26, lived next door to the blast site and Jeanne Cathleen (Cathie) Heard, 47, lived in the house that exploded.

Dwayne Richard Poirier, 46, also lived in the house that exploded, but his death has been ruled non-criminal.

Only Winter and Huber's deaths have officially been determined to be a result of the explosion.

Heard and Poirier were the owners of the house that exploded, at 18011 91A St. The medical examiner will do more testing to determine the exact causes of their deaths.

Police said on Thursday they had yet to determine the cause of the explosion.

They completed their investigation of the scene on Friday but said they will continue to follow up any leads from medical examiner or the community.