An Edmonton woman says she gave birth to her son at home early on New Year's Day one hour after doctors at the Royal Alexandra Hospital induced labour and then sent her home.

Emabete Tadesse was in labour when she and her husband went to the hospital twice that night. She says she begged to stay when she was sent home a second time.

"I don't want to go home. I'm not comfortable, I say that for [the] doctor," she said.

Tadesse said the doctor believed the baby would come the next day. Instead, little Malikhai was born one hour later in the hallway of his parents' home. Ephram Bati was able to get his wife to the bedroom while holding the baby. He then called 911.

The family wants to know why doctors would induce Tadesse and then send her home.

However, Alberta Health Services said that is standard procedure.

"Once a patient is induced and monitored in-hospital for two hours they will be discharged to their home if appropriate," said a statement sent to CBC News.

An AHS spokesperson said that patients are sent home because there aren't enough beds.

Tadesse's cousin, Meron Telia, believes AHS needs to rethink the policy.

"She was having pain and the baby was coming and they were not listening to her," Telia said.

"She even asked a second doctor for a second opinion. They still asked her to leave. So I just think that they should be a little bit more sensitive to their patients and listen to them so that no tragedies happen."

Despite his unusual entry into the world, little Malikhai is healthy