Getting to the Olympics is a dream very few people realize, but it's not just the athletes who work their butts off to get there. 

Edmonton's Chris Carlson is just one of two Canadians who will be working as a hockey linesman in Sochi for the 2014 Olympics.

The Yellow Pages employee says he was ecstatic when he got the call. 

"I was just super pumped because I had been waiting since August on the news as to who they're going to send," said Carlson.  

Chris Carlson

Edmonton's Chris Carlson heads to Sochi to be a hockey linesman for the 2014 Olympics. (Cassandra Leader/CBC News)

"I got the call two Fridays ago and I was super excited, called the wife, she was super proud."

Carlson is a linesman for the Western Hockey League in his spare time. Last August he attended camp in Switzerland with 32 other men where he was put through physical testing and  in-class exams.  

Carlson said his experience as a linesman in some international hockey games is what helped him get this job.

When it comes to the Olympics, Carlson says he's most looking forward to experiencing the best hockey in the world and being part of an international team of officials.

He says this experience will also be good for his resume.

"The NHL is a goal for me, to work with them full-time as a career," said Carlson.