An Edmonton-area grandma is internet famous after her granddaughter found a creative way to attract potential suitors for herself on Tinder.

Esther Kelemen's profile on the popular dating app went viral this past week when she included a picture of her grandma, whose name she chooses to keep private. The grandmother is holding up a photo of Kelemen with a note that reads: "This is my granddaughter. She is single."

Kelemen, a nurse at the Misericordia and University of Alberta hospitals, said she gave her aunt her graduation photo to pass on to her grandma while the latter was in the hospital.

Kelemen said she later received the cheeky picture in return.

"They took the picture basically to tease me and tell me that they were going to set me up with a doctor," she told CBC's Radio Active.

"They were just like, 'Hahaha, grandma's trying to set you up.'"

Esther's granddaughter is single! (Found on r/tinder) from oldpeoplefacebook

Viral on Reddit

Kelemen said the photo was taken almost two years ago, but she recently decided to put it in her Tinder profile.

She said a lot of users put a spin on their Tinder profiles with funny bios or photos.

"I put it on there because I thought it would be funny," she said. "It looks like it was."

A picture of the original post was posted on the Tinder subreddit. Posters then pegged the profile to her grandma, writing "Esther's granddaughter is single!" and posted it to a different subreddit, garnering more than 5,800 upvotes. 

Kelemen said she noticed her profile was first posted on the Calgary subreddit. After that, various other subreddits picked it up, including the Edmonton subreddit.

'I put it on there because I thought it would be funny. It looks like it was.' - Esther Kelemen, on posting the photo of her grandma

"I didn't know what Reddit was until this weekend," she said. She clarified that it wasn't her grandma's Tinder profile, despite it being framed that way online.

The picture made both of them local celebrities — though her grandma doesn't quite know it yet.

"She has no idea about any of this," Kelemen said, adding her grandma doesn't use the internet or even a computer.

"She's going to be pretty mortified to know how many people have seen her picture."

Kelemen said she's not sure if she's going to keep the picture on Tinder, as she hardly ever uses the app and is on the fence about whether to delete it.

And though she said the newly-found attention is embarrassing, she also said she thinks it's funny.

"I thought [the picture] was a good fit," she said.

She hasn't met any doctors on Tinder yet, but said the photo is a great icebreaker. 

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