Edmonton food truck inspection reports not posted online

If you’re in Calgary, inspection reports are automatically posted to the Alberta Health Services website. But in Edmonton, they are not because AHS uses a different computer system.
Little Village is among the 73 food trucks operating in Edmonton right now. (CBC )

Edmonton’s booming food truck scene has been a great addition to the city, but do you ever wonder how clean their kitchens are?

In Calgary inspection reports are automatically posted online. But in Edmonton, they are not because Alberta Health Services uses a different computer system.

But Edmonton food truck patrons say that has to change. Salima Hemani can't understand why AHS doesn’t treat mobile restaurants the same as their brick and mortar counterparts.   

“It’s like a restaurant right? It’s just on the wheels so I think it should have the same standards,” she said.

Owners also want reports posted online, particularly since there are now 73 trucks on city streets.

Theo Psalios has owned and operated the Little Village Food Truck for three years.  

He believes these kitchens on wheels should be held to the same standards as regular restaurants.

“I think as more food trucks hit the street, then there's gonna be more of a chance that somebody might not be following the same standards as they should be,” he said.

Alberta Health Services is looking at ways to manually post the reports until the IT system is changed.


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