As Canada phases out the one-cent coin starting next month, the Edmonton Food Bank is encouraging people to donate their pennies to help hungry people.

Over the next few months, Edmontonians can drop off their loose pennies at any of the 22 Servus Credit Union locations in the city or at collection points set up at a number of registry offices. 

"I think most people have pennies in their desk drawers. Another popular place to keep pennies is in your vehicles," said Food Bank executive director Marjorie Bencz.

"So just gather them all up and donate them to Edmonton's Food Bank and make a difference."

Bencz says her organization doesn't have a particular goal in mind for the "Pennies for People" campaign

Last March, the federal government announced that it was phasing out the penny partly because it costs 1.6 cents to manufacture each coin.

The last penny was minted on May 4th, 2012, and the coin will be withdrawn from circulation starting on Feb. 4th.