Two firefighters escaped serious injury Tuesday morning after an explosion at a southside home.


Firefighters were turning off the gas meter when an explosion erupted from inside the house.

"We got off lucky there," said deputy fire chief Pat Martin.

The firefighters were treated at the scene and taken to hospital as a precaution for minor injuries such as facial burns and singed eyebrows and hair.

The owner of the King Edward Park home at 83rd Street and 80th Avenue, Jennifer Gable, was watching TV around 7:30 a.m. when she smelled gas.

When the smell continued to get worse, she called 911 about a half hour later and left the home.

"It's good that I was awake and I got out of there," Gable said. "Otherwise if I was sleeping, it would have blown up while I was in there."

The two firefighters were turning off the gas meter on the outside of the house, when there was an explosion in the basement, said Martin.

The explosion lifted the door to the crawl space.

"It flashed out and blew the outside door open ... knocking the crew to the ground," he said.

The fireball was hot enough to burn the paint off of the side of the house.

An ATCO crew arrived on the scene a short time later.