Edmonton firefighter suspended after grow-op bust

An Edmonton firefighter has been suspended from the active duty after being accused of involvement in a sophisticated marijuana grow-op.
An Edmonton firefighter has been suspended from active duty after being accused of involvement in a sophisticated marijuana grow-op.
Firefighter Najeeb "Jeebo" Manah has been suspended from duty after police found a sophisticated marijuana grow-op in his north-end home. (Supplied)

Najeeb Manah's home at 164th Avenue and 60 A Street was raided last week. Police say they found 500 marijuana plants valued at more than $500,000 at the home. Police said it was the first grow-op in Canada to have used LED (light-emitting diode) lights in the operation, which draw less electricity and are more difficult to detect.

At least one neighbour said she was suspicious because the windows of the home were fogged-up during the winter months.

Deputy Chief John Lamb of the fire department said Manah has been removed from active duty until the drug trafficking charges are dealt with because public trust in firefighters is crucial. Lamb refused to say if Manah was reassigned to a desk job or if he is still being paid.