Edmonton couples still falling head over heels for Valentine's Day

It's crunch time for lovebirds in our city looking to celebrate Valentine's Day with flowers, chocolate and plenty of romance.
For Valentine's Day this flower shop has ten times the amount of orders compared to a typical day. Hotels use Valentine's Day as a reason to give guests a special stay. 1:23

It's crunch time for lovebirds in our city looking to celebrate Valentine's Day with flowers, chocolate and plenty of romance. 

The lineup at Bunches Flowers on Friday afternoon was steady with mainly men — a few women — all looking for that perfect bouquet to buy for their Valentine.

"The girls here are great. It was pretty easy. I have no idea what I'm looking for, but they know flowers better than I do," said a rather relaxed looking Brock Hudeyma.

He was in the store for less than 10 minutes Friday afternoon, seemingly all set for the big day.

"I came straight here, knew what I needed," he said. "I had a buddy recommend this place to me so he's been here a couple of times. I figured I'd swing by and grab some roses for the girlfriend."
Bunches employee Amanda Dhillon readies one of several bouquets at the store on Friday.

But according to the staff at the store, not everyone is as organized as Hudeyma. He's a rare breed among Valentine's Day shoppers — the last minute flower buyers are yet to come.

Amanda Dhillon and several of her co-workers expect to be at the store from early in the morning right up until close on Sunday, maybe even later. The store will sell up to 1,000 bouquets of flowers between Friday and closing time Sunday night.

"There's always something the last day, but there is always a lot of stories we hear about too, a lot of proposals at this time of the year, so It's really nice to be a part of that," said Dhillon, who was busy readying a bouquet of roses for the display case.

At the Hotel Macdonald, the staff is getting ready for a weekend that will no doubt be oozing with romance. 

"It'll be a weekend like no other, we're pulling out all the stops," hotel Concierge Anna Khlgatian said. She and her staff will be juggling all sorts of requests from countless couples in love.

"We have a couple of proposals lined up for Saturday and Sunday evening, which I'm looking forward to helping out with." Khlgatian said.

The hotel is booked solid for brunch and evening dinner dates. Their Valentine's Day dinners started on Friday night and will carry through right up until Sunday evening.

"We are going to do all that we can to ensure that all of the timing of all of the roses, all of the Dom Perignon, and the Moët & Chandon... it will be flowing, and I'm looking forward to it," Khlgatian said.

The Hotel Macdonald's Steven Walton and Anna Khlgatian are expecting proposals and flowing champagne on Valentine's Day.


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