Any further discussion about veggies versus meat at city hall appears to be off the menu.

The Edmonton Youth Council originally put forward a proposal that asked city councillors to endorse a policy that would see vegetarian meals served at some of their meetings.

The group then altered its request, asking instead that all meals - whether meat or vegetables - be restricted to foods that are "sustainably" produced.

In the end, councillors didn't vote on the motion. They agreed instead to simply accept the information, which means nothing will change.

Coun. Dave Loken said council meetings are not catered with full meals, so the menu is a moot point.

"I find there's a real lack of understanding or disconnect as to what actually council is consuming at our meetings," he said. "Because this could have been done a whole lot better. I'm very frustrated with this."

Coun. Ed Gibbons said council has no time for such matters.

"I could be voting right now instead of wasting my time on this," he said. "We're busy people."

Still, Edmonton Youth Council representatives said they're glad they raised the issue.