Edmonton council spins wheels over snow removal

Edmonton councillors are taking more time to define the city's snow removal policy.
Edmonton city councillors are grappling with a snow removal policy. (CBC)

Edmonton councillors will take at least another two weeks before defining the city's snow removal policy.

Council wants more information before giving final approval to any parking bans on snow routes or plowing residential streets down to bare pavement.

"The question is should we be trying to maintain a very thin snow pack and smaller windrows for 'X' amount of money or should we be trying to maintain bare pavement in all our residential areas, bigger windrows, higher cost," said Coun. Don Iveson.

The city was implementing a blanket parking ban on many streets from mid-November to mid-March, but when home owners complained, the city shelved the plan.

It's now looking at a ban that applies only after a snowfall, giving drivers eight hours to move their vehicles.

"The sign will say seasonal parking ban," said Coun. Bryan Anderson. "Everybody who lives on those streets will know they're on a seasonal parking ban street and that they should certainly pay attention to the city website and/or the print and electronic media.

"Because when the announcement is made that it is going to be enforced they have eight hours to have their cars off or they're going to be ticketed and towed."

Council will vote on a new policy on Sept. 28.