Some southside Edmonton condo-owners are demanding answers after the construction firm hired to renovate their building walked off the job.

Millions of dollars in work remains to be done on the exterior of the Water's Edge condo on Saskatchewan Drive.

Balconies have been left without railings, while insulation pokes out of gaping holes in the walls.


Builder Michael Albert says he stopped work after the condo board didn't pay its bills. (CBC)

"It's been frustrating and depressing, ultimately, to see the building in state of disarray for so long," said Simon Metke.

Metke's patio door has been bolted closed and his expansive view of the city is gone, replaced with scaffolding, exposed insulation and tarps.

Employees, subcontractors not paid

Meanwhile, employees and subcontractors hired by Konstruktor Corporation tell CBC News they have not been paid tens of thousands of dollars.

"We put so much time into the project and then to see it suddenly stop like this, everybody's felt kind of shafted basically," said former project superintendent Kelly Hill.


Much of the exterior of the building is exposed and covered in scaffolding. (CBC)

Konstruktor Corporation said it stopped work after the condo board didn't pay its bills.

The construction company claims it is owed $4.3 million by the condo board.

"We've done every endeavour that we can to try to continue this project on, and respectively we would like to see it start up again as well," said general manager Michael Albert.

Albert declined to provide evidence of his claim.

The condo board said it has paid every invoice, more than $5.6 million since construction began.

Condo-owners are meeting with their lawyer and board Thursday to discuss the issue, including whether they can hire a new contractor.

Simon Metke said he wants to know when his life can get back to normal.

"Kind of, would like the sanctity of my home back," he said.