They are homes like you've never seen before — bright, modern, liveable and constructed from the hull of an old shipping container.

It was this element of eccentricity that brought Tracy and Kevin Bennett to an open house of shipping container homes on Thursday. 

Tracy Bennett said the couple was looking at the home because it's environmentally conscious and, perhaps more importantly, it's unique.

"It's different, it's kind of modern and unique. We've been researching [shipping container] homes for the last few months just to see what's out there and this is the way we want to go."  

'It's different, it's kind of modern and unique.'  - Tracy Bennett

While building a home out of a shipping container has been a fad for a few years now, these particular homes are the brainchild of Novhäus, an Edmonton company. 

The company's open house gave it the chance to reveal a home they call the Tau. They tout the 480-square-foot dwelling as being an "eco-friendly, energy efficient and affordable smart home." 

Although they have plans for upwards of eight homes, the Tau was the first to be unveiled 

Shipping containers - Novhäus

Shipping containers that may one day be transformed into homes by Edmonton company Novhäus. (CBC)

The Tau design comes offers one or two-bedroom options and has all the amenities of a typical house. The major structural pieces are covered by a ten-year warranty.  

The company is also hoping to court some of the Fort McMurray residents who lost their homes to the wildfire in May.

'You don't have to rebuild your entire house, you can add in another piece. I really like the idea that you can add on as you go.' - Kevin Bennett

The homes are built in the Winterburn industrial park in Edmonton. In a release, the company said they can "be on a lot in 60 to 90 days of receiving a municipal building permit."

The company offers its clients the opportunity to track the progress of their home through a smartphone app. 

The cost of the homes range from $85,000 for the Tau to a three bedroom home, which would run you closer to $300,000. 

Besides the price point, Kevin Bennett said one of the biggest reasons he's interested in the Tau is the possibility of growing the home over time. 

"It's the equivalent of Lego. You can always add on," said Bennett. "You don't have to rebuild your entire house, you can add in another piece. I really like the idea that you can add on as you go."