A four-year-old Edmonton boy is turning the fear of cancer into an art project in an effort to help some close friends.

Max Rice's mother, Julie Rohr said she was trying to explain cancer to Max, after it took the life of her grandfather.

"We got to talking about how cancer is kind of like a monster and that it's mean and scary and sneaks up on you," she said.

When Max learned close family friends were dealing with the disease, he put monster to paper.

Now those drawings are selling online with the proceeds going to that family.

"It's humbling to think that someone would want to do that for us," said Amber MacNeil, who has been battling a brain tumour for the past two years and learned two weeks ago that her daughter Kyla, 3, has leukemia.

"When you get told two years later that now your kid's going to go through the same sort of thing it's overwhelming," she said.

So far Max's drawings have raised $3,600. 

As CBC's Travis McEwan reports in the video, the drawings are shipping across Canada.