Edmonton police are warning Justin Beiber fans wanting to attend his sold-out concert at Rexall Place not to fall prey to online ticket scams.

Tickets for the Oct. 15th concert sold out quickly after they went on sale, meaning fans have resorted to buying them from Kijiji and Craigslist.

However, police warn that some of those tickets are fakes. In one case, someone paid $800 for one pair, said Det. Dave Radmanovich.

Radmanovitch said people need to be cautious when meeting ticket sellers in person. Bring a friend and ask to see the seller's identification. Police said any reluctance to show I.D. should be a warning sign.

They also advised prospective purchasers to find out the bar code and number on the ticket and check it with the agent.

Radmanovitch said people should also examine the appearance of the tickets.

"Check the printing. Check spelling," he said. "Check the tickets, rub them. They shouldn't rub. As you can see on the one ticket, the ink is starting to rub off on them."

Radmanovitch said police have received two complaints about fake Bieber tickets but fraudsters have sold tickets for other events.