There was no trace of the winter doldrums as Edmonton AM let loose at its annual mid-winter luau.

The third Monday in January is often considered the most depressing day of the year; the holidays are over, your bank account is busted and the dreary winter weather has set in.

But the CBC morning show managed to overcome the seasonal blahs by hosting its second-annual pool party Monday at the Terwillegar Recreation Centre.

Edmonton AM goes live poolside1:06

Fans of the show took refuge from the winter gloom, and made Monday's commute less miserable at the 'Beat the January Blues' Pool Party. Hosts Mark Connolly, Garrette McGowan and the rest of the crew were broadcasting live from the pool deck all morning.

There were plenty of island treats and water spectacles, including a performance from Samba Edmonton and a few cannonball leaps. 

Ukulele player Jamie Philip serenaded the crowd with cheerful melodies, and Oscar Lopez with Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse was on hand mixing up delicious mocktails.