Edmonton bar-owners are meeting police today to encourage police to patrol their bars more often after recent violent incidents outside city establishments. 

Three weeks ago 34-year-old Yousef Chehini was shot to death outside Hudson's Canadian Tap House in the Oliver neighbourhood after a dispute in the bar.

Chris DeCock, president of the Hudson's chain, represents a group of bars called Responsible Industry Edmonton, a partnership between bar owners and police that tries to mitigate violence.

He told Edmonton AM host John Archer he would like to see city police establish a  "Violence Suppression Team"  a group of officers trained to prevent showdowns like the one that ended with Chehini's death.

Such teams already exist in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Winnipeg, he said.

While police recognize there is a problem and more needs to be done, they are unsure if they have the resources, he said.

Bar owners and the two groups meet again this afternoon.

Click on the video to hear more of DeCock's interview.