A hotline program that encourages citizens to report drunk drivers passed a milestone last month, resulting in its 5,000th impaired driving charge.

Signs of an impaired driver

  • Speeding up or slowing down unexpectedly, swerving, changing lanes frequently, or straddling lines
  • Ignoring traffic signals, stalling at stop signs, stopping or starting suddenly
  • Driving oblivious to weather or road conditions, driving without headlights, speeding on icy roads

Since Curb the Danger started six years, it has received more than 52,000 calls from the public, resulting in 5,026 impaired driving charges.

In addition, police also issued 1,592 24-hour suspensions and sent 8,568 letters to registered owners that police were unable to intercept.

Drivers are urged to call 911 to report an impaired driver with a location, vehicle description, and license plate number.

"It’s crucial to take your safety on the road seriously and report suspected impaired drivers," said Staff Sgt. Barry Maron in a media release.

"Although police cannot intercept all vehicles reported, getting a licence plate and driving pattern to send a letter to the registered owner is critical to the success of this program."