Everyone has a special restaurant, a favourite store, an out-of-the-way park, that is a little off the beaten track. On Friday, Edmonton AM devoted a whole show to revealing these hidden gems! 

Here's a list and relevant links when possible. (some of the restaurants are so off the beaten track, they don't have their own website!)

Edmonton AM crew picks

Architectural gems with Dan Rose from Heritage Forward

  • Queen Elizabeth II Planetarium in Coronation Park
  • Hotel Grand/Hagmann Block - 10765 98th Street
  • Keillor Cabin - 12504 Fox Drive
  • McCray's Garage - 102nd Avenue & 125th Street

Hidden gem bands from Craig Martell, co-owner Wunderbar and Trevor Belsher, owner, Mercury Room 

  • Counterfeit Jeans
  • Feverfew
  • Post Script
  • The Dabs

Hole-in-the-wall restaurants from Gastropost community manager Brittney Leblanc

  • Tao Garden - 9642 107th Avenue
  • Urban Shabu -  9700 105th Avenue
  • Bulgogi House - 8813 92nd Street
  • Shanghai 456 - 14456 118th Avenue
  • Handy Bakery - 8660 118th Avenue
  • Paradiso Tropical -  9136 118th Avenue

Hidden trails from personal trainer Chris Tse

  • Strathcona Science Park to Gold Bar Park (Haunted Forest Trail)
  • Hawrelak Park to Quesnell Bridge
  • Cooking Lake - Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area

Secret swimming hole from Paul Bunner, river swimming enthusiast 

  • located between the Cloverdale footbridge and the Edmonton Queen Riverboat launch

Secret foods to forage - Elisabeth Beaubien, biologist, University of Alberta,  Alberta Plant Watch coordinator

  • Chokecherry
  • Saskatoon berry
  • Raspberry
  • Creeping thistle - remove the leaves, make a soup
  • Cattail - Use clean, unpolluted plant. Can consume bottom part of stalk

Secret coffee spots from Cindy Ngyuen, blogger, Let's Om Nom

Best Roasters

Best Cafe

Best secret but coming soon Cafe Spots

Best beer spots - Shane Groendahl founder and president of Beer Geeks Anonymous 

Well known beer spots:

Experiences/events from Renee Williams, communications manager for Edmonton Tourism

  • Elk Island - easy camping
  • Elk Island - July 31/August 1 - Blue Moon Canoe Tour
  • Dark Matters - August 20 - Telus World of Science - adult event

Other noteworthy events and tourist spots:

  • Heritage Days
  • Prairie Gardens and Adventure Farm
  • Jurassic Forest
  • Fort Edmonton Park
  • Lactuca - the urban farm location at Northlands 

Best kids spots from Jennifer Schaffer, editor of City and Baby

  • Alberta Railway Museum
  • Real Family Cinema at the Garneau Theatre
  • Giovanni Caboto Park

Best date spots from Blue Knox, outgoing editor editor in chief of Wanderer Online magazine 

  • Nerd Nite Edmonton
  • Space Cadet Adventure
  • Manhunt Edmonton

Blogs and podcasts from Karen Unland, creator of Seen and Heard podcast and blog