More than 100 people who were forced out after a fire at a transitional housing complex in Edmonton on Wednesday will soon be allowed to return home.

The fire that broke out in a top floor unit at Dwayne’s Home on 100th Avenue and 102 Street forced a man to drop four floors to safety.

Blaine Zuk watched as the man hung on to the window and then dropped to the ground.

Blaine Zuk

Blaine Zuk ran to help a man that dropped four floors to escape a fire at Dwayne's Home on Wednesday afternoon. (CBC )

“I scrambled up the hill,” Zuk recalled on Thursday. “The guy was unconscious, initially. He was breathing.”

“He had blood coming out of his mouth and some cuts on his head.”

Zuk called 911 and performed first aid on the man while he waited for emergency crews to arrive. The man was rushed to hospital.  There’s been no update on his condition.

The fire caused $400,000 in damage, with twelve units affect by either flames, smoke or water. Fire investigators are still determining the cause.

The building is a former motel that was converted into a home for about 130 low-income people, many who once lived on the street.

Last night, agencies such as the Bissell Centre took in people who were forced out for the night.

“You know, that's an amazing spirit that we have in Edmonton,” said Dave Martyshuk, the co-founder of Dwayne’s Home.

Residents of Dwayne’s Home will spend Thursday night at the Shaw Conference Centre and are expected to be taken back home on Friday.