The daughter of a woman killed by a suspected drunk driver last year wants to know why the province of Alberta is dropping the case.

Shelly Patterson, 47,  of Daysland, Alta., and Erin Huggan, 29, of Edmonton, were killed just after midnight on April 3, 2010 near Daysland, southeast of Edmonton.

'It just sucks. I haven't slept since Monday.' — Leeann Zellwegger

Patterson was in an SUV on Highway 13 when a van crossed the centre line, crashing head-on into her vehicle.

Huggan was a passenger in the van. Four other people were hurt. 

The van's driver, Charlotte Liselotte Verkerk, faced 15 charges including driving with a blood alcohol level over .08 causing death, impaired driving causing bodily harm, dangerous driving causing death and dangerous driving causing bodily harm.

It took five months for police to charge Verkerk, but this week the Crown prosecutor stayed all charges, said Patterson's daughter Leeann Zellwegger.

"I do know that they have to have things done, blood tests and everything done in a certain time frame," she said.

"I'm just wondering if maybe it wasn't done according to the book.

"It just sucks. I haven't slept since Monday."

The prosecutor in the case is expected to tell family members Wednesday night why the charges are being stayed, said Zellwegger.

Stayed charges can be revived, but rarely are.