A house in West Edmonton allegedly used for drug trafficking has been boarded up under a provincial program that targets properties that attract criminal activity.

The property at 107th Avenue and 149th Street has been the subject of 48 calls to police over the past year.

In early May, an investigation was launched under the Safer Communities and Neighbourhood program, or SCAN.

The owner of the property was unaware of the issues at the rental property but took immediate action after being contacted by SCAN.

"In this case I can say the owner or the representative of the owner was extremely co-operative with our SCAN investigators," said SCAN manager Chip Sawchuk.

"They immediately after learning what was occurring on the property issued an eviction notice to the renter of the property."

The renter left the house on Aug. 16.  In order to prevent criminal activity from resuming, the owner put up a fence around the property.

Sawchuk says this is a good way to keep people who frequented the house from coming back.

"It breaks the cycle of drug trafficking and drug use on the property."