New 30 km/hr speed limits went into effect around Edmonton schools on Tuesday but many drivers apparently have not received the message.  

Gerry Shimko, executive director of the city’s office of traffic safety, said 401 drivers were caught speeding near schools this week.

Gerry Shimko

Gerry Shimko from the office of traffic safety says city officials were disappointed to see so many violations this week. (CBC )

The school zones outside Duggan School at 106th Street and 37th Avenue and McKernan School at 113th Street and 76th Avenue had the highest number of drivers speeding over the limit on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with 116 and 87 violations respectively.

Cameras even caught one driver travelling more than 73 km/hr near York School at 139th Avenue and 60th Street. Shimko says these drivers need to change their habits.

"There are children in these school zones,” he said. “This is about their safety and we really want to enforce that we're going to take the action necessary to make sure these are safe zones."

Edmonton hasn’t had 30 km/hr school zones in more than 40 years. In order to help drivers adjust, police are issuing warnings rather than tickets for the first 30 to 60 days.

Parents like Stacy Edgar believe the city should do more to enforce the new rules.

"I know in our construction sites you get double the fines,” she said. “Maybe they should look at something like that within our school zones too to keep our children safe."

The 30 km/hr speed limits are in effect on school days from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.