Edmonton police respond to a shooting at a downtown club Monday morning. ((CBC))

One man is dead and another is in hospital after shots were fired outside an after-hours club Monday morning in downtown Edmonton.

Police were called to the Twilight Afterhours club at 105th Street and 100th Avenue, after reports that shots were heard.

"[At] approximately 8 o'clock this morning, we received phone calls from two individuals who said they heard gunshots in the area," said Insp. Denis Jubinville of the Edmonton Police Service.

"Police responded to the area, found one male deceased in his vehicle, and we do have another individual who was injured. He is in hospital."

"It doesn't appear serious, he was talking," Jubinville said.

The shooting awakened some of the people in a hotel near the club.

"We were just laying in bed and we heard the five or six shots go off," said Kevin Cafferky. "Then we heard the ambulance, the sirens … sure enough, there was somebody laying on the sidewalk and police everywhere," he said.

The club was booked for a private party from 5:30 a.m., with about 150 people inside when the shooting occurred. Police interviewed the patrons before they were allowed to leave.

Donald Baker, who lives and works in the area, said he's not surprised by the violence because of the "cocaine, alcohol and lawlessness" he has witnessed.

"About a week or so ago, I had my life threatened over here by guys coked out of their heads, and I just don't know why people tolerate it," he said.