Trina and David Jackson used to live in a bungalow in Leduc. 

The location was convenient for David, 47, who then worked at the Edmonton International Airport.

Trina, 44, works as a paralegal in a downtown Edmonton law office and commuted every day.

As their kids grew up and moved out, Trina yearned to move downtown - but David wasn’t so sure.

However, things changed when David switched jobs and faced the same long drive as his wife.

"Two weeks of commuting … and that was when we started looking downtown," he said.

Two years ago, they bought a loft on 104th Street. Now they walk to work, which David believes has freed up 10 to 20 hours of time each week.

"One of the best decisions we ever made was to do this," Trina said.  "We’ve brought so much extra time into our lives that we can share with friends and family."