The total cost of projects connected to Edmonton's new downtown arena has increased $10 million from the previous estimate provided last fall.

According to a new city report, the cost of the land, LRT link and the pedestrian corridor and 104th Avenue crossing is now pegged at $82 million and comes on top of the $450 million budgeted for arena construction.

The $15 million pedestrian corridor was not included in an estimate presented to council in October.

However, the executive director of the arena district project, Rick Daviss, said the cost increase was expected.

"It was always known," Daviss said.  "It just wasn't part of the formal framework agreement but it's not new information. Council is all well-apprised of this and there's no surprises here. It's just a restating of what the costs are."

Daviss said $82 million is the maximum estimated cost of the projects and the final amount could be lower.