A dog was revived by firefighters after being pulled from a fire in southeast Edmonton on Thursday.

District Chief Ian Langridge says the dog named Bella was in poor shape when she was found in a smoky unit at the Maple Ridge Mobile Home Park.

“Pretty lifeless when we first started on it,” he said. “But the guys did a miraculous job and actually brought the dog back.”

Neighbour Jeanne Burns watched it all happen.

"One of the firemen dragged out the dog. and then he picked him up and put him on the grass,” she said.

Bella and firefighers

Bella the dog was having trouble breathing when she was rescued from a unit at the Maple Ridge Mobile Home Park. But she recovered after firefighters gave her oxygen for ten to 15 minutes. (Courtesy of Jeanne Burns )

Firefighters then placed an oxygen mask over the dog’s nose.

“It was having trouble breathing, having trouble catching its breath, taking really shallow breaths,’ firefighter Adam Selinger said.

About ten to fifteen minutes later, Bella was much better.

For rookie Selinger, the rescue made for a memorable shift, his third since graduating from firefighting school earlier this month  

“It feels great. It just kinda happened,” he said. “I just dealt with the situation as it came"

The fire was out within a half hour. Officials are now trying to reach the dog’s owners who weren’t home at the time.