A man is offering a $2,500 reward for the return of his dog after the animal was presumed abandoned at a Leduc kennel and adopted by new owners.

Jeff Forbes left his Rottweiler named Token at Country Kennels when he went to Texas for three months to find a place to live.

“What I had told them straight to their face was in 50 days I will be returning,” he told CBC News.

“So that would put me in November I'd be returning back to Alberta to pick up Token.”

Forbes says the kennel had his contact information and he had made arrangements to pay upon his return,

But upon his return, he was told that Token had been taken to a rescue agency and adopted by someone else.

Kennel owner Belinda Brunnenkant says the dog had been at her facility for four months and they had no luck getting in contact with Forbes, so they assumed he wasn’t coming back.

“Knowing that he's left the country, knowing that he's not really brought anything or connected with Token that much --  we were concerned,” he said. “We were thinking at this point he's been abandoned.”

Privacy legislation prohibits the rescue organization from disclosing who adopted Token. But Brunnenkant says the dog is with a “loving home.”

“He's settled in very nicely, and he's very happy,” she said. “So, it's unfortunate. We feel for Jeff. There’s no doubt our goal is always to keep a pet with their family.”

Forbes is offering his reward because he just wants his dog back. He hopes that the person who adopted Token will give him up.

“I'm pretty upset and a bit scared that maybe I'm never gonna see my dog again.”