People who train their pets at a dog agility facility near St. Albert are trying to figure out why someone would destroy their equipment weeks before a major competition.

"It looked like someone had come in and started the bobcat and gone for a joy ride,” said Justine Davenport, owner of the Shape Up Training Centre, where 60 people, including half the Canadian World Team, train their dogs.


People believe the vandalism was committed using this Bobcat machine stored at the facility. (CBC)

The estimated $10,000 in damage was discovered on Monday.  All the equipment was smashed. Tracks from the bobcat that was stored in the arena could be seen on the dirt floor and the keys were still in the ignition.

"It just seems there was a real effort made to make sure every piece of equipment was touched by that bobcat or whatever they used,” dog owner Jennifer McCafferty said.

“It just seems extremely malicious."

Davenport is the owner of Summit, a four-year-old dog who is on the Canadian world dog agility team.

Summit the dog

Summit is a member of the Canadian world dog agility team. (CBC )

Not only will the damage impede Summit’s ability to train for competition, but Davenport’s facility was set for the Canadian world qualifier in a few weeks.

Several people are offering to loan Davenport some equipment while she tries to figure out what to do next.

The incident is under investigation by the RCMP.