Documents obtained from the Transportation Safety Board show that Alberta had the most reports of runaway trains over the last year and two of those incidents occurred in Edmonton.

On March 8, 2014, 14 CN auto cars separated at the Bissell switching yard and “travelled uncontrolled eastward” for about 6,300 feet before they were stopped by a rail employee.

“The cars were stopped 10 cars clear of the south service track. No injuries. No derailment,” the report states. CN Rail was investigating.

The second incident occurred at the Lambton Park Yard on April 10, 2014. Five cars separated and rolled uncontrolled down the track.

“Cars continued to roll, travelling through the Lambton Park West main track (into cautionary limits), over public crossing and finally stopping 1,156 feet west of the 50th Street crossing,” the report said.  

No one was hurt and Canadian Pacific Railway responded to the scene.

The two incidents were among 17 reports of runaway rail cars given to the TSB by rail companies between July 6, 2013 and June 3, 2014.

Six of the runaways occurred in Alberta. Three of the 17 incidents took place in highly-populated urban areas: two in Edmonton and one in Regina.

The TSB information was obtained by CBC and Radio Canada through an access to information request.

Neither rail company responded to requests for an interview from CBC News.


With files from the CBC's Marion Warnica