The provincial government is being accused of neglecting seniors who receive long-term and palliative care at the Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre.

NDP health critic David Eggen said on Tuesday that documents obtained through a freedom of information request detail problems with the roof, elevators and heating system of the aging building.

In one wing of the building, floors 6 to 12 lack a sprinkler system. Eggen is calling on the province to conduct a full inspection.

“I find that it’s an insult to both those patients and families to be getting their care at a facility that’s just so obviously not functioning properly,” he said.

Covenant Health operates Edmonton General.

Scott Baerg, senior operating officer in charge of mental health and seniors care,  says the condition of the building isn’t as bad as Eggen claims.

“I wouldn't call it in bad shape at all,” he said. “It is an old building, no doubt about that,  but we do the regular maintenance and repairs to keep it in that good shape so that our residents are comfortable.”

Health minister Fred Horne says $11 million was spent on repairs at the facility over the last two years.

The NDP is calling on the government to decide whether to replace the facility or keep making repairs  

Covenant Health says there is no firm timeline on when anything might happen.