Doctor Who lookalike causes double-takes in Edmonton

A man who works at a Edmonton grocery store looks very much like Matt Smith, the actor who just stepped down from the popular British science fiction show
An Edmonton man resembles Doctor Who actor Matt Smith 2:44

Twitter was abuzz earlier this week when the BBC announced that Matt Smith, the latest actor to play the main character in Doctor Who, is stepping down.

Some fans might wonder if Smith quit the popular British show to work at a Planet Organic grocery store in Edmonton.

There, at the checkout, is a man who looks very much like Smith and even dresses like his character on the show.

"One guy actually took a picture of me," says Smith lookalike Christian Milanovic. "So that was interesting. Then he tipped me."

Milanovic, who does acting in his spare time, says he first learned about his resemblance to Smith when a young woman approached after she saw him performing in a show.

"You look like someone," he said she told him. "Have you ever heard of Matt Smith?"

At her suggestion, Milanovic started wearing a bowtie and he says people started commenting on the resemblance.

Milanovic has started watching the show, but is still getting through the episodes featuring David Tennant, the actor who preceded Smith in the role.


With files from the CBC's Niall McKenna