Disappearance of Alberta government scientist troubles police

Edmonton Police are still searching for Anina Hundsdoerfer, an Alberta government scientist, missing since Saturday afternoon.

Anina Hundsdoerfer went missing in Edmonton Saturday

Anina Hundsdoerfer went into work last Saturday and hasn't been seen since 1:53

Edmonton Police are investigating the disappearance of Anina Hundsdoerfer, an Alberta government scientist, missing since Saturday afternoon.

Alberta government scientist Anina Hundsdoerfer went missing Saturday. (EPS)
The 32-year-old went into work on her day off, but hasn't been seen since. She left behind her phone and ID. Her 2005 blue Toyota Echo is also gone.

Her roommate Caroline Hendley reported her missing to police. 

"It almost feels surreal," Hendley said on Tuesday. "This is not something that happens in real life."

Friends have gathered at the house Hundsdoerfer shared with Hendley to coordinate efforts to track her down. They are also putting up posters throughout downtown Edmonton. 

Hendley said her roommate's disappearance is completely out of character. 

"Something has really happened to make this happen for her," Hendley said. "This is not something she would have chosen to do. This is not Anina."

Hundsdoerfer is a forest entomologist with an expertise in the mountain pine beetle.

Friends of Anina Hundsdoerfer put up posters about her disappearance on Tuesday. (CBC )
She's "very well known in the community in the world of forest entomology," said forestry department manager Dan Lux, who has worked with Hundsdoerfer for the last seven years.

Lux said the tight-knit office is having a difficult time with Hundsdoerfer's disappearance.

"We just don't know what's happened," he said. "Where she is — is she okay?"

"She has a pretty tight group of friends outside of work," Lux said. "Likes to get outside — hike, ski, do all the things most of us like to do."

Lux also calls the disappearance completely out of character. Police agree, though in a news release, say there's no indication of foul play.

With files from CBC's Janice Johnson