'Dirtballs' steal iPad from murder victim's son

A St. Albert woman is outraged after thieves stole an iPad from her grandson, whose mother was murdered in 2009.

8-year-old did odd jobs to buy handheld device

A St. Albert woman is outraged after thieves stole her grandson’s iPad outside a convenience store. 1:56

A St. Albert woman is outraged after thieves stole her grandson’s iPad from outside a convenience store.

"He was pretty sad. He cried for quite some time," Lynne Rosychuk told CBC News.

St. Albert's Lynne Rosychuk is incensed after two men allegedly swiped her grandson's iPad from outside a convenience store. (CBC)
The incident is particularly alarming as Rosychuk’s grandson, Lyndon, is already the victim of crime. The eight-year-old is the son of Jessica Martel, the Morinville woman who was strangled to death in her home in 2009. Martel’s children, including Lyndon, were home at the time.

Martel’s common-law husband, James Urbaniak was found guilty of second-degree murder in 2010, and sentenced to life in prison without parole for 10 years.

Rosychuk has since adopted Lyndon.

She said on Aug. 12, she and Lyndon were outside the 7-Eleven at the busy St. Albert Trail and Lennox Dr. intersection. At around 6 p.m., she spied two young men in her 20s who seemed suspicious.

"I was keeping my eye on them," she said. "Took my eyes off for a second and it [the iPad] was gone."

Rosychuk said she filed a complaint with the RCMP and spoke to the store, which allowed her to view the surveillance video.

The 7-Eleven at St. Albert Trail and Lennox Dr., where the iPad was taken. (CBC)
"In the video, what I saw was them clinking their Slurpee glasses, kind of cheering themselves for stealing this iPad that was sitting in their hands."

Rosychuk said Lyndon had done odd jobs around the house to earn money for the iPad.

"One was pretty yucky -- picking up dog poo in the back yard."

Family rallies together

Rosychuk said after word of the theft spread, family members pooled enough money to replace the $350 iPad Mini. Lyndon, who turned eight on Monday — one week after the theft — used the money to replace the device.

"He's seeing the generosity of people, too. So that has been a life’s lesson for him," Rosychuk said.

"I wanted my grandson to see that there are good people, not just bad people out there. ... And people are going to do something to put those dirtballs away."

The RCMP told CBC News it is working to obtain the surveillance tape from the 7-Eleven. Rosychuk hopes exposure in the media will lead to an arrest.