Several families in Devon are worried about finding new homes because their trailer park is set to be redeveloped.

"I was shocked," said Johanna Hughes, who has lived in the Riverside Trailer Court for about a decade.

"I get so angry and all I do is cry because how do I explain to my nine-year-old we don't have a home anymore?"

Hughes said her trailer is too old to move into another trailer park, and her family can’t afford to move it to an acreage.

Others who are moving say they are having trouble selling their trailers because, with the park closing, it is difficult to find buyers.

One of the owners of the park,  Scott Jendruck, said he is doing what he can to make the move easier for the residents. He gave 13 months notice for trailers to be moved from the park, more than the one-year minimum required by the province.

However, Hughes said when the trailer park was bought by the current owners a couple years ago, people were told that they wouldn’t need to worry about moving anytime soon.

She said some people, like herself, started renovating their trailers, expecting to be in them for a long time.

"We bought it, paid it off, and we were doing it up," she said.

"For the last two years we've been doing it up: new siding, new roof.  And now he comes around and says that's it ... doesn't matter."

Jendruck says  he didn’t make any such promises to residents about future redevelopment.  He says he'll try to help the residents deal with the difficulty.