The city has released images of four options for suicide prevention barriers on the High Level Bridge.

The four choices, created by architecture, engineering and design firm Dialog, range in cost from $1.2 million for a nine-foot chain link fence to $7.4 million for a stainless steel tension barrier.

“All options conform to historical considerations and aim to retain the bridge’s status as an historic icon, a transportation route and a pedestrian attraction,” the city report states.

The four options are: 

  • Plain chain link barrier, nine feet high. Cost: $1,186,900
  • Modified chain link fence, with stainless steel posts that curve inwards at the top. Cost: $1,687,400
  • Guard rail with stainless steel mesh and horizontal tension cable barriers. Cost: $3,032,640
  • Barrier with vertical stainless steel tension cable barrier. Cost: $7,441,200

The barriers will be discussed Monday by councillors on the community services committee.

The report says that phones that link to 911 and the Distress Line are now being installed on the bridge.