The mayor says he's frustrated with abandoned construction barricades remaining on city streets when no work is being done.

Stephen Mandel asked transportation officials at yesterday's council meeting to get tough with construction contractors.

When there's no roadwork being done, the barricades should be removed, he said.

"It's infuriating," said Mandel. "Daily on the roads that I take, I'm calling up city officials saying 'Why is this barricade up?'

"For about three weeks there was a sign that says trouble up on 142nd Street (and Stony Plain Road) and there wasn't any trouble there. It's so frustrating in Edmonton when you're driving down the street and you know they don't need the bloody things."

Mandel says he gets calls from people every day frustrated by derelict construction barricades.

"It frustrates people when, in effect, we're doing construction and inconveniencing them, but we should have at least the foresight and the process in place to take them down when we don't need them anymore."