Edmonton Police Chief Rod Knecht believes that fines are not enough to stop people from texting or talking on their phones while driving.

The fine for distracted driving is $172 but Knecht believes demerit points would have a greater effect.

“The $172 fine — it isn’t changing behaviour at all,” Knecht told reporters at a media availability Wednesday.

“I’m of the view probably demerits will change behaviour. Because if you get two or three, it’s bumping up against you losing your license. You’re going to take that a little more serious.”

Knecht said that speeding continues to be a concern for Edmonton Police especially now that weather is getting warmer.

Last year, police wrote 369 tickets to drivers who were speeding at more than 50 km/hr over the speed limit.

Fortunately, Knecht says more people are helping police by reporting speeders.