The organization that represents Alberta cities is calling on the province to delay a controversial new $15 fee for checking licence plate information.

Municipalities and police services use a provincial database whenever they issue tickets for parking, photo radar and red light infractions.

Starting Sept. 1, Service Alberta will charge $15 each time users access this database because increased demand has led to a jump in the costs borne by the province.   

The province earlier agreed to move implementation from April to September but the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association [AUMA] wants more time.

"It was wrong for them to make this move without consulting. They know that," said Calgary councillor Jim Stevenson, who speaks for the AUMA.

"So let's give us four months to be able to correct it."

The Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police [AACP] has also joined the chorus of groups speaking out against the move.

In a letter sent last month to Service Alberta, Calgary Police Chief Rick Hanson urged the province to drop the fee.

"It is the firmly held belief of the AACP members that free access to this information is necessary for the effective delivery of policing services in this province," he wrote.

A spokesman said the province is not in a position to react as the formal request for a delay has not been received.